Application tips and FAQ

Can I apply online?

For our job vacancies, which you can find in our job portal, you have the option of applying online using the "Apply" button. For unsolicited applications, you can also use our online portal.  

Will postal applications be considered?

Naturally, applications which we receive by post will also be taken into consideration in the application process. However, we strongly encourage your to use our online application.

What documents should my application include?

It is important to us that you send your complete application documents. They should consist of a personal cover letter, your curriculum vitae, your school reports and your work references.

Can I apply for multiple positions at the same time?

If you are interested in multiple positions on our job portal, you are welcome to apply for them. We will then consider your application documents in order to decide which job you would be suited the best for.

Do you accept unsolicited applications?

We are always delighted when applicants demonstrate initiative! Regardless of whether it's for an internship request, a topic for a thesis or a permanent position. We look forward to receiving your application. Please use our job portal for this! 

I would like to apply to a specific business unit, to whom should I address my application?

A contact person, to whom you should address your application, will be named for a specific job advertisement. Otherwise, please send your application to the central Human Resources department ( or use our job portal.

How often can I apply for a job at Leistritz?

We are glad that you are observing our job portal and would like to work with us! Thus you can apply at any time for a suitable job.

Is the position still current?

If you find a job advertisement on our website then the position is currently available.

How can I find out whether you received my application?

You will receive a response from us within two weeks in which we will confirm the receipt of your application. 

Can I apply in response to a job advertisement even though I don't fit the job profile exactly?

We deal with each application individually! However, you should make sure that you match the requirements to the greatest extent possible. Here, you should consider the difference between the so-called must and can criteria.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the status of my application?

For questions about your application, please get in touch with the contact person named in the confirmation of receipt.

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