The Leistritz Group

Leistritz stands for technologically sophisticated products and a high level of innovation. We are a globally active group of companies with the four business units of turbine, pump, extrusion and production technology under the umbrella of Leistritz AG

Info at a glance

Company form owner-managed, medium-sized
Year of founding 1905
Number of employees approx. 1,800
Turnover p.a. approx. EUR 265 million

Turbine Technology

Blades, BLISKs, discs and components for turbines and compressors

From forged parts through to ready-to-install products, our manufacturing solutions ensure precision and reliability in aircraft engines and power plants.

As one of the biggest suppliers in this market sector worldwide, we provide the full package of skills required here both nationally and internationally.

Pump Technology

Screw pumps and systems

Leistritz supplies screw pumps and systems with drive powers of up to 2.5 MW for applications in the oil and gas industry, shipbuilding, chemistry, energy technology and many more.

Screw pumps are positive displacement pumps which are used for the pumping and metering of fluids with a wide variety of viscosities.

Extrusion Technology

Extruders and extrusion lines

Leistritz builds extruders and turnkey extrusion lines for a multitude of applications, in the plastics, packaging and pharmaceutical industries among others.

Strong knowledge in terms of mechanical engineering, electrotechnical and process technology forms the basis for the design of our lines.


Production Technology

Machine tools, tools and tube technology

Leistritz supplies solutions for complex production tasks. Our range of products can be divided into the following sectors: machine tools, solid carbide tools and tube technology.

We supply a wide variety of industries, above all the automotive and oil and gas industries, as well as aviation and general mechanical engineering.


Leistritz Aktiengesellschaft