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When it comes to installing a pump on a tank, you can now save money, time and effort: With the FLEXCORE screw pump and the use of a tank plate, the whole procedure is considerably simplified.


How about getting maximum safety for your pumps at minimum cost? With Lifecycle PRO we offer you a maintenance solution that is individually tailored to the needs of your company.


Remote service in mechanical and plant engineering...

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We welcome to our company ten apprentices as future industrial clerks, industrial and cutting machine operators and, in addition, two dual students in the field of industrial mechanics/ Bachelor of Engineering.

Pump Technology

Most people know the saying mainly from their private everyday life. With the HealthCheck, Leistritz now offers exactly the same for its screw pumps.


We now offer our successful Extrusion Academy BASIC in a digital surrounding.


The Leistritz face shield offers effective protection against droplet infection and involuntary contact with the face.

Extrusion Technology
Extrusion Technology
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Lead-free? No problem! With carbide flat form plates from Leistritz, Röhm GmbH, one of the world's most important manufacturers of clamping devices, mastered the machining of this stubborn material.