Let us introduce our new apprentices!

Due to the current situation, the group photo of our new apprentices in Nuremberg and Plestein unfortunately turned out somewhat differently: according to the motto "Please keep your distance!". Although Leistritz was unfortunately unable to hold a "classic" introductory week away from the premises this year with various introductory seminars, we made the best of it. Georg Glückshofer and Markus Schwander, instructors at Leistritz AG in Nuremberg and Leistritz Produktionstechnik GmbH in Pleystein nevertheless arranged the starting phase of his new protégés optimally.

For these young people, the start of their training is an exciting, memorable experience. Especially in times of Corona. We are happy to offer them - even if under slightly different circumstances than usually - an interesting and informative entry into a safe and promising apprenticeship.

Georg Glückshofer

Instructors at Leistritz AG in Nuremberg

Since September 1, 2020 ten apprentices have started their training in Nuremberg and Pleystein as future industrial clerks, industrial and cutting machine operators. In addition, two dual students have started in the field of industrial mechanics/ Bachelor of Engineering.

Works councel representative Wolfgang Mayer (1st from the left), the trainers Stefan Schneider and Markus Schwandner (rear middle), HR officer Carina Müller (2nd from the right) and managing director Klaus Theusner (on the right) welcomed the new apprentices in Pleystein.


Welcome to our company!