Our product portfolio has always shown differentiation that evolved from history. The Leistritz Group is subdivided into several business units with the respective product groups.

Turbine Technology

Blades and components for engines and stationary turbines

Our manufacturing solutions ensure precision and reliability in aircraft engines and power generation systems, from the forged part to the ready-to-install product.

As one of the world's largest suppliers in this market segment, we bundle the necessary expertise both nationally and internationally.


Pump Technology

Screw pumps and systems

Leistritz supplies screw pumps and systems with drive powers of up to 2.5 MW for applications in the oil and gas industry, marine, chemical, power generation and many more.

Screw pumps are positive displacement pumps which are used for pumping and feeding liquids of different viscosities.


Extrusion Technology

Twin Screw Extruders & systems

Leistritz builds extruders and turnkey extrusion systems for various applications in the plastics, packaging and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

Our extensive knowledge in mechanical, electrical and process engineering forms the basis for the design of our systems.


High Precision Tools

Carbide tools

Leistritz High Presicion Tools is one of four business units of Leistritz Produktionstechnik GmbH. When it comes to carbide precision tools, this is the right address. As a long-standing and reliable partner of the industry, Leistritz offers not only the standard program but also special solutions and services that provide customers with more efficiency and quality.


Machine Tools

Whirling and keyseating machines

Whirling and keyseating machines Leistritz Machine Tools is one of four business units of Leistritz Production Technology. Here whirling and keyseating machines for the economic production of internal and external threads as well as thread-like profiles are designed and manufactured. Both processes require highest precision, flexibility and performance.