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The oil and gas sector is facing immense challenges. With the revolutionary HydroCompression technology, we show you how you can achieve immense cost savings while increasing efficiency, especially when pumping with high gas concentrations!


The ZSE 12 HP-PH is a very flexible small twin-screw extruder. Now, no less than four have been delivered to various European and Asian research institutions. One remains in the Leistritz technical center as a test machine.


Leistritz Turbine Technology cooperates with the world's leading engine manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers and enjoys the trust of its customers even in the current difficult market situation. In an interview with "Manufacturing Today", managing director Bernd Kretschmer explains the background.


In the presence of Wolfgang Tiefensee, Minister of Economic Affairs, the Thuringian Institute for Textile and Plastics Research Rudolstadt (TITK) today opened a new technical center. Three twin screw extruders from Leistritz are the heart of the pilot plants.

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Carolina Trautner, Bavarian Minister of State for Family, Labor and Social Affairs, has welcomed Leistritz Produktionstechnik GmbH from Pleystein as the 1000th member in the Bavarian Family Pact.


How about getting maximum safety for your pumps at minimum cost? With Lifecycle PRO we offer you a maintenance solution that is individually tailored to the needs of your company.

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We welcome to our company ten apprentices as future industrial clerks, industrial and cutting machine operators and, in addition, two dual students in the field of industrial mechanics/ Bachelor of Engineering.

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Most people know the saying mainly from their private everyday life. With the HealthCheck, Leistritz now offers exactly the same for its screw pumps.


We now offer our successful Extrusion Academy BASIC in a digital surrounding.


The Leistritz face shield offers effective protection against droplet infection and involuntary contact with the face.