Popular pump technology by Leistritz

Leistritz screw pumps and systems convince for use in Russia

Leistritz Pumpen GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of screw pumps and has established itself as a reliable partner in the Russian oil and gas industry. A wide range of products, sophisticated know-how and understanding the customer – that is what distinguishes the company. "Leistritz has already been in the Russian market for several years", explains Alexander Greb, Director Sales CIS at Leistritz. "We have already realized numerous interesting projects over here".

Challenging location

One thing has been realized in an oil field in Russia: Leistritz delivered two multi-phase units for a major Russian oil company. "Both the units are being used in a permafrost region", explains Greb. "It is not just very high temperature fluctuations from -40 to +50°C that pose a major challenge to our pumps – delivery itself was also a logistical feat: The oil fields are located in an area that can only be accessed in the winter months from October to March. In summer, the area transforms into an impassable swamp. The only remaining solution is by airway". Thus, the pumps were transported to their place of use by the largest helicopter in the world.

Multiphase pumps

Multiphase pumps convey crude oil and gas with a gas volume fraction (GVF) of up to 100 % from the boreholes and central collection areas to centralized treatment plants. They are used for transshipment of untreated gas/liquid mixtures with capacities of up to 5,000 m³/h and differential pressures of up to 100 bar. The conventional approach is in separating the gas from the liquid portion (hydrocarbons with water) and conveying both phases in separate pipes to a collection point for an initial separation process before they are fed into long distance pipelines. "That is very expensive: We need separators, compressors, liquid pumps, heaters or separate lines. All these are not required in economic multi-phase pump. Another plus point is also that it speeds up transport of the multi-phase mixture into a central processing plant through just one pipeline", explains the pump expert.

Sophisticated technology

Multiphase pumps are based on two-spindle screw pumps technology. These self-priming pumps have a double-suction housing and are therefore axially, hydraulically unburdened. The option of speed regulation by means of frequency converter drives covers a wide spectrum of possible operational cases. The pump and all miscellaneous installations, including the necessary controls and electric motors, are mounted on a base frame in Skid construction. The special liquid management system by Leistritz guarantees an operation with up to 100 % GVF. A very important aspect must also be mentioned: Flaring of gas is prevented to a large extent by using multi-phase pumps. By transporting the entire gas-/liquid mixture in a pump, not only is there lesser contribution to environmental hazards, but also efficient use of our energy resources.

L4-Booster pump by Leistritz

Another example can be found further south, in the middle of the scarcely populated Taiga and Tundra region. Three booster pumps of the L4 series by Leistritz are operational there. "Their task is to increase pressure in the pipeline. They convey the processed oil from the station into the main pipeline network", says Greb. "Completion of this project is a major success for us. Finally, this customer is the second largest crude oil producer of the world". The two-spindle, double-suction pumps used here are suitable for media in the viscosity range of up to 150,000 cSt. They can realize flow rates of up to 2,000 m³ and are used for differential pressures of maximum 150 bar.

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