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We love the Smell of Industry. And we adore the Scent of Innovation.

In four technical fields. Why four? Thanks to a pioneering spirit that took turbine vanes to screw pumps and moved to extrusion innovation. And since premium quality called for high precision tools and machines, we included that in our portfolio.  

Despite specialising in these fields, there is an unwritten law at Leistritz: going the extra mile for the best possible solution. We're really good in that discipline. And never elaborated on things like sustainability, made little ado about whirling. We just did it. And revolutionised entire industries in the process. 

But now that conserving resources, climate protection and reducing CO2 impact is on the global agenda, we blink at a fascinating phenomenon:

We're actually better, than we thought.
And much better, than we ever claimed to be. 

Real Inspiration: 

Making innovation take off as turbines are becoming quieter and more fuel-efficient. Making pumps increase range and performance in electrical mobility. Extruders enable breathtaking recycling progress. Production technology changes the grinding game. 

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Leistritz Turbine TechnologyTechnology inspired by Nature. And Nature is frugal by Nature.

The age old dream of flying and staying airborne for longer is inspired by nature itself. The seeds of a dandelion achieve this with minimum energy. Leistritz innovation in turbine technology contribute substantially to making aero engines lighter and more fuel efficient while reducing noise pollution. 

Lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions are achieved with precision. Period. 

Blades, disks and components for turbines and compressors are our profession. More efficient airplanes taking off is our future. We are passionate about taking technological progress to new heights. 

Innovation HighlightAero engine blades for future performance in aviation

Our speciality is making aerodynamically shaped, high performance blade geometries possible using innovative materials that are difficult to machine. The idea: improving performance in aero engines. And reducing fuel consumption while enhancing long-term reliability and safety.

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Leistritz Pump TechnologyAntidote to Standstill. Remedy against Waste. Pump Technology.

No pumps? Standstill. Zero flow. We not only deliver a comprehensive technical portfolio, but also provide know-how on the processes that require them. More importantly, we set the pace in quality and performance. Combined with less energy consumption this equals savings. 

We have a reputation for being indestructible. The opposite to "kaputt" in German. And very frugal. That's where true reliability comes in. Pumps that run without a hitch waste nothing. No time. No attention. And cause no headaches. Our credentials in the oil and gas industry. In maritime and chemical applications, in energy production and in many others. The fan community is growing day by day. We're proud of that. 

Innovation HighlightHYPER³ – The Next Generation Technology in Hygienic Pumps

Dosing accuracy in dimensions unheard of before: HYPER³ is a ground breaking, triple screw hygienic pump technology that achieves a record-breaking effiency rating up to 96%. We've learned: they call it "Best available Technology". BAT. We suggest: HYPER for high performance.    

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Leistritz Extrusion TechnologyOur Movement sounds exciting: Innovating for Future. Every Day.

Making re- and upcycling cost-effective and technically feasible prevents plastic waste from landing in the ocean. Yes. Our extrusion technology turns bags of waste into bags of valuable raw materials, reducing CO2 impact. Innovating for future means taking this idea one step further: creating new options and applications.  

Our expertise in machines, equipment, electronics and processes sets the pace. Our reputation has manouvered us to a pole position in turnkey extrusion lines. We're also proud of reducing the 8 kg of CO2 caused by every kg of steak by 75%! How? By turning textured vegetable proteins into new foods that taste as good as the original.

All pieces of a mosaic. Take one away and the puzzle will never be completed. Come to think of it, we're a little proud of being part of it. 

Innovation HighlightRecycling with Leistritz Extruders

Turning recycled materials into new outputs at virgin quality levels for Sysplast was quite a challenge to our expertise and teamwork. The extrusion solution we came up with is quite a sight. And an insight.

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Leistritz Production TechnologyFormula for saving Resources:  Speed of Genius plus µ Precision

State-of-the-art metal processing has a home base: Pleaystein in south eastern Germany. It is home to our experts for tube bending, whirling, keyseating, cutting, milling and tooling. We developed an alternative that turns several rather dirty, filthy, lube oil and water infested grinding processes into something new and clean and fast: whirling. Fast means really fast. Clean means no difficult to separate raw matterials, no lubricants. Less space in your factory. Improved precision and premium quality for profiles, screws and spindles. Unbeatable cost-efficiency on top. 

Drones take off with absolute accuracy. Small instruments operate with miniscule precision. Surgical screws for hip implants are delivered at breakneck speed and with unequalled accuracy. We run lead free! We are capable of working lead-free materials and super alloys. Another plus for Leistritz.

We don't talk much about saving resources. We live it. Waste is contrary to our nature.

All our machines, tools and processes are trimmed to maximum efficiency - for you, your process and the environment.

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Innovation HighlightLeistritz OverCut

Achieving small diameters by radially "overcutting" the work piece is a discipline reserved for champions. It combines precision and effectiveness. Our innovatgion OverCut innovation opens up new dimensions, cutting several painful work steps down to just one. It's also up to 6 times faster than conventional methods.