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Leistritz – Moving to Tomorrow 

Innovation gets ideas off the ground.

The world is moving fast. Populations need and consume more. Limited resources are confronted by growing global demand. A real challenge. We are working on it. Contributing our expertise, experience and dedication. 

Committed to helping our blue planet to survive as our green earth in the future. 

How we do, what we do

One example: Our pump technology helps increase efficiency in oil and gas production. It also makes electrical mobility more attractive by improving performance and reducing energy consumption. 

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Leistritz – Family Owned Global Player

We are a creative team of engineering specialists for high tech solutions in turbine, pump, extrusion and production technology. More profoundly, you may refer to us as pioneers, ground breakers, pacemakers, global player and hidden champions. The solutions we deliver and the answers we provide have a global reputation for quality and reliability.

What better way to be one step ahead of time. 

Our Business Fields

Leistritz Work is Heart Work.

We're passionate about technologies. Solutions. Hard facts. Throughputs. Performance. Viscosities. Torque. Tension. Our business units and 1,700 colleagues serve markets from 13 locations across the globe. As diverse as we are in terms of nationality, specialisation, hair colour and character, we are all birds of a feather. Inspired by the spirit that began as a start up and became an international player. Our home base: Nuremberg in southern Germany. Our opportunities: global. 

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One family: four business units

Our profession: top quality products and solutions, specialising in turbine, pump, extrusion and production technologies.

Our Business Units

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Commitment to tomorrow - looking ahead

Innovation drives electrical mobility, drones, turbines and recycling technology. Find out more on how we are shaping our tomorrow.

Our Innovative Power

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Learning, Careers, Opportunities

Our objective? We are keen to shape tomorrow's world. With ideas, expertise, innovative power and dedication. Join the spirit.

Become a pioneer with us

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Customer focus: our no. 1 location

Family owned. Global player. Technology group of companies. We're close to our customers. All over the world.

Our Organisation