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Our commitment to ethical behavior is underpinned by our Code of Conduct, additional internal policies, and our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Please bring it to our attention if you notice any action or behavior that is not in line with our principles and obligations, whether within our company or in our supply chain. For instance, if you observe misconduct, dubious practices, or deviations from our policies and procedures, we urge you to speak up. You can report this to your supervisor, the local compliance officer, human resources, or any other relevant leader responsible for the area where the action or behavior occurred.

If you are unable to resolve the matter directly, or if you fear repercussions, or if your attempts to express concerns have led nowhere, we provide the portal 'Compliance@Leistritz' for you.

We encourage you to include your name in feedback, but if you wish to remain anonymous, your identity will not be captured and need not be disclosed. In this case, no conclusions can be drawn about your identity.

However, we want to make it clear that deliberately submitting false or defamatory information, or filing reports with false accusations or denunciations, is strictly prohibited. Such reports will not be tolerated and may have legal consequences.


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Leistritz ensures the technical protection of the content you submit, including your identity. To further increase your security, please follow these instructions: If you wish to remain anonymous, please do not submit any personal information, such as your name, your relationship to the involved parties, or any other information that can be traced back to you. If you are willing to provide personal data for feedback, we will treat this information with the utmost confidentiality. I hereby grant permission for the collection, processing, and use of my personal data entered into this system in accordance with the Privacy Notice.
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