Ethical conduct & responsible action

The Leistritz Group is based on a solid value system. Responsible behavior by each individual, in harmony with the legal requirements, our internal guidelines and ethical/moral principles, is a top priority for us. This is documented in the Leistritz code of conduct, which is binding for all companies and employees in the Leistritz Group around the world. 

It serves as a guide to exemplary behavior for our employees. For our contractual partners, it is assurance of ethically sound business practices. The principles of conduct are the cornerstones of proper dealings and a partnership with our customers, suppliers and intermediaries. That's how we reinforce our excellent reputation.

By fully complying with the aforementioned principles we take responsibility.
Thus we remain a reliable business partner.

The Leistritz Compliance Support Team as well as the compliance commissioners in the various companies and locations worldwide act as contact persons and supervisors. They support our employees to keep a focus on our code of conduct in the framework of our business activities. After all, each employee has a responsibility for the reputation of our company.

Compliance Support Team

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