Time for Future Now?

We're working on what will move us tomorrow.

Our heart work goes into pumps, turbines, precision tools and machine tools.

We haven't yet built time machines, but we are very active in writing the stories that will move us and the world tomorrow. The innovative power we're putting into this promises to break new ground. And become a valuable contribution to sustainability.

Actually, we're excited about being part of the bigger picture. It keeps us humble and on our feet.

Investing time, expertise and energy to shape the world of tomorrow.

The stage where each must play his part. We're doing exactly that. Special extrusion processes make new materials possible that revolutionise everyday items such as recycled flooring. Our pump expertise goes into e-cars to improve battery cooling and enhance driving comfort and range.

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E-Volution in Electrical Mobility

Our pump technology moves mobility: It improves power yield in electrical cars and contributes to more range performance.  That helps to reduce CO2 impact and makes sustainable mobility more appealing and efficient.

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Sustainability in Design@Home

Extrusion technology enables new materials for flooring, using recycling material and ensuring that the end product itself is recyclable. More over, the product has zero chlorine, zero PVC and zero harmful chemicals.

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On flight to the future: filigree drive components for drones

Components in conventional airplanes have to do the same in drone technology, but be miniature in size. The drive and steering units in special military dronesare finished to µ precision on Leistritz tooling machines. Obviously, we can´t show them here. But we're proud of the outcome.



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Innovative plastic composites for the first recyclable robotic arm

Lighter. Stronger. Better. Extrusion technology and process expertise enabled us - and our partners in a revolutionary joint project - to find a way of producing new materials for high performance parts. Such as the composite that makes this robotic arm lighter and faster with every move.

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