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Research Project CHASE

Lighter. Stronger. Better.The first Robotic Arm made from Innovative Composites. 

360° Circular Economy Solution for New Component Materials.

We are proud to be part of a research project with partners in industry, research and science. Our aim: to develop new ways of creating innovative materials from which complex parts can be produced while preserving resources and building recyclability into the material DNA. The 360° approach takes account of this by going digital all the way and including all technical parameters in a true all-in-one model. The solution will be a blueprint for the future and completely reproducable for other applications.

Information on the Project

Wir are proud to be part of this trailblazing project. Our extrusion expertise and know-how in industrial processes and digitalisation are pivotal to developing innovative material technologies for the future. 

The CHASE partner community:


Leistritz makes Future Happen.

The project CHASE reflects the entire production process in a model project - aligning a real factory production line with a digital twin that employs intricate measuring technology to analyse the process live.

Complex data including countless parameters are collected, processed and analysed in the Digital Twin. The impact of changes to parameters can be measured and re-analysed live. The insights of these are fed back into the production line, allowing the process engineers to optimise the output with absolute accuracy and immediacy. 

Tested process parameters thus become reproducable. That is a completely new persptive. Real data replace trial and error.  

Nuts and Bolts, Facts and Figures:

  • The projects unites the expertise from leading industry and technology partners in creating a joint, game-changing innovation initiative.
  • The entire production process for hi-tech UD tapes is implemented under real life factory conditions.  
  • All process steps are integrated in an all-in-one approach. 
  • Comprehensive and highly developed measuring technolgy generates complex data from every process step and delivers these to the data processing unit.
  • Sensitive parameter settings are mirrored in the Digital Twin and analysed.
  • Process engineers use these data to adapt parameters in the actual process to check and analyse the impact of these changes to the production result. 
  • The bottom line: all these inputs pay into an optimised end product that is improved continuously.  
  • From the start, the recyclability of the material is built into the process. In fact, its re-use as a high-quality recycling product qualifies the project for upcycling. That's exciting.
  • What's really innovative is, that the project is designed for developing completely new material ideas.

Innovating Today for Materials of Tomorrow.

UD tapes consist of plastics reinforced with unidirectional glass or carbon fibres. They are embedded in a thermoplastic matrix to make them suitable for compound processing. The first final result - a robotic arm made of this composite instead of metal, proves to be particularly light-weight and robust. 

This is possible today. The future is open for sustainable materials moving toward natural fibres. 

Extrusion technology plays a pivotal role in the concert of technologies. Our expertise contributes to creating a stable output that can be processed into high-level components directly and without additional steps.l

Opening new innovation perspectives. 

Your Partner for Innovation.

Intelligent extrusion solutions and process expertise contribute to technologies that conserve resources and break the ground for innovation. 

Access our know-how and benefit from our experience in circular economy challenges. Find our more on Plastics 2050.


Technology Partner for Your Innovation. 

Explore your next level of performance using our extrusion technology and expertise. The Leistritz MaXX extruder line is your recipe for flexible, easy to scale performance, implementing the formulation you need. For your process and your innovation plans. 

High specific torque to 15,0 Nm/cm³: high output and excellent energy efficiency with ZSE MAXX twin screw extruders

Gentle material handling and preservation of material characteristics.

Excellent homogenisation of the melt while optimising energy input. 

Rapid melt heating prevents degeneration of the polymer matrix. 

Increased volume in the screw ensure a higher degassing / devolatilisation performance even with identical parameters (e.g. throughput, revs)

Constant, reliable high quality in the end product achieved by controllable and stable parameters. 

Absolute process stability and significantly reduced energy consumption lead to cost-efficiency. 

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