Innovation. Progress. Engineering

Out of the Box. And Plenty in Store. 

From Aero Engines to Automobiles. From Flooring to Robotic Arms. 

Did you know that Leistritz is inside many technical items we use every day? In automobiles, airplanes, drones, tools and machines, in medical technology, foods, flooring and packaging. Even high-tech industrial parts like robotic arms carry our imprint. We're delighted to show and tell more. Join us in discovery. 

Our extruders, pumps, turbine components, precision tools and machine tools enable the creators in many industries to shape our world. In the present - and in the future.

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On Track to more Sustainability

What do Remscheid and Shanghai, Allendale and Somerville have in common? They are all part of our global home.

Indeed, Leistritz ist not merely a hidden champion, but a global player, too. Our experience, expertise and innovative power are geared to working on new technologies that move the world.

We're heading for the future. And toward more sustainability.  

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Thinking Future is a strong Heritage. And a powerful Driver.

Population growth is causing more and more consumption of natural resources. Our environment is no longer coping with this impact.

Meeting growing demands with limited resources is a primary challenge for the future of our society and our industries. Technology can deliver a substantial contribution to meeting this challenge.

Saving energy. Conserving resources. Avoiding waste.

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Creating new Paths by walking them

Here are three examples of how we contribute to making the world a better place. Breaking new paths and moving forward.

Leistritz extrusion technology makes re- and upcycling technically feasible and economically worthwhile.

Leistritz innovation in cooling pumps for electrical cars reduces power use by 30% and increases range.

Leistritz precision and machine tools operate lead-free and reduce power use and per part by up to 10%.

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Commitment to tomorrow - looking ahead

Innovation drives electrical mobility, drones, turbines and recycling technology. Find out more on how we are shaping our tomorrow.

Our Innovative Power

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Career opportunities

Electronics designer, facility manger, inhouse SAP consultant or mechatronics engineer: These are just a few examples of interesting job openings. Find out more!

Our Work Space

One family: four business units

Our profession: top quality products and solutions, specialising in turbine, pump, extrusion and production technologies.

Our Business Units

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Customer focus: our no. 1 location

Family owned. Global player. Technology group of companies. We're close to our customers. All over the world.

Our Organisation

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From start up to technology driver

Every success story has its roots. Ours date back to 1905, when Paul Leistritz launched his start up and gave it his name and his entrepreneurial spirit. 

Our Milestones