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Finished School? Train for your Career or Study for your Job with Leistritz!

Finished School? Train for your Career or Study for your Job with Leistritz!

Great opportunities. Training for your Job at Leistritz is cool. That's what our trainees say. Get in touch and find out  more. On Instagram, for instance.

7 Options for Training and Studying.

You're on the hunt for top training, doors opening and the freedom to become even better at what you love doing? Then this is the space to go for. Right in the heart of German industry. Far away from corporate chore.

Export ist our business. You will get to know the world. Work with great people. Discover new countries. And new cultures.

This makes us Special:

We are four business units under one roof.

Turbine Technology

is all about airplane engines, flying, aviation, power.

Pumpen Technology

Anything fluid and everything that needs to be pumped.

Extrusion Technology

is all about plastics, pharmaceuticals, foods and recycling.

Productions Technology

is all about industrial and precision tools, tooling and machines.

Train for your Career at three Locations:

Leistritz Home Base

Training in Nürnberg



Home Base for Turbine Technology

Training in Remscheid



Home Base for Production Technology.

Training in Pleystein

Scholar Practicals

Not sure about what you want to do? Interested in checking out what it's like in industry? 

Join us for a scholar practical Get a first-hand feeling for what its like and see whether there's an option that fits.  

Technical or commercial? We do both.

Apply in good time, best is to do so 6-8 months before your schooling closes. 

Interested? Submit your application with a resumé and your last school reports by email to

We look forward to hearing from you. 

You still have questions? 

Check out what you can expect working at Leistritz.

Leistritz Workspace

Unsure about how to set up an application? 

Find tips and frequently asked questions here. It's easy!

How to

Job Training Options in Nuremberg

Nuremberg is home base to the Leistritz Group. Pump and Extrusion Technology production facilities are also based here, as well as part of Turbine Technology. .

We're very proud of our own Training Workshop. It's where you get to know industrial manufacturing live and for real. Since we are a manufacturing set up, you learn the real thing. If you tend toward commercial jobs, an exciting journey through many expert areas awaits you. 

Training Options in Nuremberg

Industrial management (Purchasing, sales, marketing, human resources or financial services)

Cutting machine operator (Planning of production processes, setting up and operating turning, cutting, drilling and grinding machines, CAD)

Industrial mechanic(Setting up, retooling, commissioning and correcting machines and production lines, finishing spare parts)

Mechatronics engineer
(Setting up and operating complex mechatronic systems comprising mechanical, electrical and electronic components)

Integrated studies - industrial mechanic (Combined job training and mechanical engineering study)

Integrated studies industrial and mechanical engineering (Industrial engineering basics, engineering science, business administration, business economics, controlling and business law)

Integrated studies electrotechnical engineering (PDF) (elektrotechnical and mathematical science, practical projects using the latest tools in industry and commerce)


Apply now!

How to!


Romeo Perisic

Leistritz AG

Tel.: +49 (911) 4306-369

Training in Remscheid

The Remscheid plant is home to the Turbine Technology division. It became part of the Leistritz Group in 2005. We are partner to all leading OEMS and module suppliers in the aero engine, turbine and power generation industry. In a nutshell: all airplane Boeing and Airbus engines run with our know-how!

Training Options in Remscheid

Elektronics production engineer


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How to!

Training in Pleystein

Leistritz Production Technology is based in Pleystein in eastern Bavaria, home of our production facility for high precision tools, tooling machines and tube bending.

In a nutshell: the exhust of many luxury SUVs rely on our tube bending, hundreds of metal processing companies rely on our precision tools to manufacture spindles, drills, cutting tools and so on. Also, many a drone flies using minute steering spindles finished on our machines. And in some cases, our technology is unique. Globally.

As in Nuremberg, Pleystein boasts a proud Training Workshop. It promises an exciting place to learn.

Moreover: training for a job assures you of an equally exciting future.

Trainee Opportunities in Pleystein

Cutting machine operator: operating turning, milling, cutting, drilling and grinding machines


Industrial mechanic: operating industrial machines and plants

Industrial clerk: oall-rounder in purchasing, sales, marketing, human resources, finance and controlling



Aply here!


Carina Müller

Human Ressources
Leistritz Produktionstechnik GmbH

Tel.: +49 (0) 9654/89-825
Fax: +49 (0) 9654/89-812

Tips for your Application

Found the job training offer that fits? Top. Now move on to apply. We'll help you get it right.

Early! 6 - 8 months before training starts 

It includes three items: cover letter, résumé (curriculum vitae) and testimonials.

Your cover letter schreiben is your personal introduction. Make sure it is neat and tidy minus evident mistakes. Tell us, why you are interested in the job training offer. Tell us about your hobbies or practicals. Also explain why you chose Leistritz.

Your résumé is a well-structured and clear. Try a tabular format with key points on the left and detail in the right column. Begin with personal data such your full name, date and place of birth plus contact details. Then list your schooling and extracurricular activities. 

Important: Include a copy of your testimonials and school reports covering the last two years plus testimonials on your practicals.

Put it all together, collect in a PDF folder - done.

The contents should be identical. Only difference is the format: your documents must be in PDF format, so you can upload them online. Please keep them lighter than 5 MB.

In three steps

1. Preselection

The overall impression counts! Correct cover letter, good school results in the subjects that are important for the trainee job. So technical jobs will emphasize sciences while commercial jobs require more mathematics and languages. If it fits, we shall invite you to a personal test. 

2. Personal Test

This checks that you fit the job. After the test, we shall invite you to a personal interview. 

3. Personal Interview

Yes - we're keen to have you on board. This is your opportunity to get to know us better and see, whether you feel comfortable.