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Motivation, Momentum, Movement. Leistritz Workspace.

You love and live performance? You go for the true best, not just the first best answer? We're on the same page!

Spot the spot where you won't find us: on an oil rig, in the air, on the road, in plastic bottles and veggie food production? In pharmaceuticals and elctrical cars? You got it right. We're everywhere. Our motivation is bringing innovative solutions to markets and wow effects to industries across the globe. Branded with our own name or that of big players and outsourcers.

Discover Fields of the Future!

Our objective? To shape the world of tomorrow, today. By putting ideas into place, spirit into position. Breaking new ground and setting the pace. Staying true to our technological DNA but embracing change and progress. We're here to make our mark. And here to stay.

Become a pioneer with us!

Diversity and Technology moving Forward. 

There are spaces where we've taken on the role of technological leadership. Special intricacies in automobiles, uniqueness in the oil and gas sector, specialities in aviation, pharmaceuticals and plastics production and recycling.

Sound facinating? It is.

Our Team is waiting for You. What are you waiting for?

You're excited by technology. You have ideas that you would love to put into place for our customers? You have a keen sense for the next inspiration? Your brainwork is as brilliant as your handwork is clever?

Come on board!

Who we are? World Movers. Precision Doers.

Our business units are full of technological pioneers. The markets, in which we move, are moving themselves. Quite literally. All over the world. 

More than 100 years of experience and consistent innovation.

Locations in Europe, Asia, North America and the Gulf Region

Staff members and team players

Business Units: turbine, pump, extrusion and production technology

Customers. Many of them over decades.

Industries and industrial fields of activity

Million Euro sales revenue per annumn

Out of the Box or Run of the Mill?

We tip the scale by combining the best of two worlds: the experience of a global player with a strong track record plus the enthusiasm of an agile start up moving to new horizons.

A century of heart work in engineering and technology hook up with creativity and cleverness. Experience, heritage and an international footprint are strong roots. Our drive is for dynamic growth plus new thinking. With a touch of genius along the way.

More about Leistritz

Why Leistritz? Motivation x 5.

Team & Spirit

We embrace new work and agile methods, foster an atmosphere of teamwork and cultivate collegiality at all levels.

Joy & Sense

We believe in emphasizing the "reason why" rather than just rote action. Work is fun and inspiring rather than just effort. And it is. 

Benefits & Add-Ons

Family owned means family friendly. We encourage mobile work, enable you to balance job, family and opportunities along the way. 

Today & Tomorrow

We have a sound base and a solid foundation. Jobs are long-term opportuunities. And we're growing, together with our staff force. 

Start & Up

Progress in technologies and markets opens opportunities in the team. Discover and develop your strengths to the benefit of all.    

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Career opportunities

Electronics designer, facility manger, inhouse SAP consultant or mechatronics engineer: These are just a few examples of interesting job openings. Find out more!

Our Work Space

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You are keen to take your theoretical know-how to a new practical level? We have the formats and the opportunities.

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Job Training

Leistritz offers you many opportunities for learning your profession. In engineering. In production. Business management. Sales.

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What we are working on

Aviation, drone technology, electrical mobility - just a few examples of the technologies in which we are moving forward.

Discover Innovation

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Customer focus: our no. 1 location

Family owned. Global player. Technology group of companies. We're close to our customers. All over the world.

Our Organisation